Hunter Industrial Medicine (HIM) is an occupational medicine practice that specialises in:
  • The effects of work on health,  and
  • The effects of health on work.

HIM has provided a comprehensive onsite consultation service to a variety of industries throughout Australia since its establishment in the Hunter Region in 1998.  We also provide a complete range of occupational medicine services at our purpose built clinical facility and training room located at Maitland in the Hunter Valley.
HIM distinguishes itself from other providers of occupational medical services by exclusively using Specialist Occupational Physicians who have qualified as Fellows of the Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine to provide or supervise the services.
Our staff are highly trained with a strong team approach to service delivery. The medical issues are considered in a broad context that includes the work, social, cultural and industrial environments. We focus on the worker as an individual and as a member of a larger organization.  Effective communication is regarded as paramount to achieve the optimal outcome.
Our staff are committed to providing professional and ethical services of the highest quality. Our doctors are affiliated with the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) either as qualified specialist occupational physicians or as occupational physicians in training. AFOEM is the body responsible for training and accrediting specialist occupational physicians throughout Australasia. 
 In order to qualify as an occupational physician, a medical doctor, must take part in the AFOEM training program and complete an assessment process demonstrating competency in medicine, workplace assessment, toxicology, rehabilitation, communication, research and relevant legal issues.

What is an occupational physician?