Coal Board Medical

What is a ‘Coal Board Medical’ ?
The ‘Coal Board Medical’ is the incorrect term for a Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment under the Queensland Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme.   The term is an historical relic widely used by non-specialist providers and by default it has come in to widely accepted usage.   As Hunter Industrial Medicine is a Specialist Medical Practice staffed by FAFOEM qualified Occupational Physicians and Trainees with strong commitment to ongoing training in occupational medicine the ‘coal board medical’ will hereafter be referred to by its correct term ‘Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment’.

Do I need to have a Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment ?
All coal mine workers in QLD must have a Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment completed on the approved form prior to working in a Queensland  coal mine and thereafter at least once every 5 years.

Do I still have to do a Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment even if I already work in a coal mine in another state and have had a medical in that State?
Yes, you are required to complete the health assessment on the approved form before commencing work in an 'at risk' job in the QLD coal mining industry.   If you have had a recent medical examination in another State or even for another industry our doctors can review this medical examination to see how much of it can be used to save you the time and expense of repeating any unnecessary medical tests

Can the doctors at Hunter Industrial Medicine do my Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment ?
All of the Specialist Occupational Physicians at Hunter Industrial Medicine are nominated medical advisors (NMA’s) under the Queensland Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme and they are therefore able to do your health assessment in our Maitland offices in the Hunter Valley NSW or while on site at the various mine sites we attend.

Will I need a chest X-ray?
If you are deemed at risk of exposure to coal dust and if you are working underground, then yes you will need a chest x ray reported to ILO (International Labour Organisation) standards and this will need to be repeated periodically as determined by your exposure risk.   If you have had a chest x-ray completed recently, you may bring it in with you to your medical assessment and you may not need to have an additional chest x-ray if the xray and reporting meet the required standards

Will I be required to perform a drug and alcohol test?
This depends upon the requirements of the employer.   Some employers complete their own drug and alcohol testing onsite thus negating the need for one to be completed at the time of your medical.  Please ensure you come to the medical prepared to provide a sample of urine in case your employer requires this test.

What happens if I have a medical condition?  Will I pass my medical examination?
This depends upon the stability of the condition, the impact of the condition on your level of function and the likelihood that your condition will be made worse by your work. If you have a medical condition that requires detailed consideration of the complex interaction between work and health, the experienced Occupational & Environmental Medicine Specialists at Hunter Industrial Medicine can advise you with respect to your ongoing fitness for work.